Albi Bedroom

Bedroom decor with classic touches, blended carefully and detailed with a contemporary and timeless line. In leather or velvet, comfort is everything in this ambiance, which is divided into separate spaces, each well defined in its function, but open to a personalized use.

Earthy Tones

The earthy tones are dominant in this decor: softer in the fabric that lines the bed, more intense in the marble of the lamps and the bedside tables in smoked eucalyptus.

Passionate bed

The bed has a high headboard, with prominent sides, with its surface to be punctuated by rhombus patterns thanks to the buttoned upholstery. Its beige upholstery reveals mocha shades and makes it more seductive and captivating.

Industrial Closet

At another end of the room, a space with a coat hanger, bench and mirror creates a customized zone for choosing the best outfit. By choosing a deep blue fabric for the stool and a classic buttoned leader for the mirror frame, it’s certain that good taste will be present.

Reading and Leasure

A chaise longue is an ideal element for large rooms like this one. The leather upholstery, as well as the cylindrical cushion that rests on one of the arms, give a classic touch. It’s used here to take advantage of the natural light from the high window that opens onto the garden.