New Collection


Living room with a 3 seater sofa accompanied by 2 armchairs in the same design. With a low profile and gilded stainless steel accents, it’s a modern solution for your living room.

2020 Decor


A complete living room, with 2 sofas arranged perpendicularly. Next to each one there is a round wooden side table with a copper stainless steel base.


An imposing room, marked by notes of comfort, places of rest, being an ambiance filled with pieces of warm and welcoming colors.

2019 Collection


Gold and copper details subtly define the tone of this ambiance, a living room that brings home a magical experience.


In a wide living room, the sober tones are an aesthetic that shows at its best. In conjunction with metallic glow, noble and luxurious materials, this is the contemporary answer to the traditional notion of sophistication and opulence.

15 Years' Collection


More than space, what defines a pleasant conviviality of friends or family is the surrounding, the choices in the decoration.


Various materials, colors, textures combine in this decor. Starting with a set of 3 beige sofas, these pieces give it modernity and strength to the design.


Seductive living room, full of passionate and soothing tones, that make it a dream space for a tender decoration. With a cozy disposition, the pieces are together and taking full advantage of the space.


Intimate living room, filled with various shades of blue, from the deepest to the lightest and greyest. With touches of leather upholstery, noble woods, and sophisticated metals, this in one decor to remember.


Living room with 3-seater sofa with chaise long, where neutral tones prevail along with natural dark wood patterns and elegant metallic details. In a touch of color and comfort, this room features a green buttoned pouf.


Living room full of color and comfort details. A 3-seater gray upholstered sofa with modern design stands out for its golden details on the base and armrests. Gold remains the base tone of this ambiance, from end to end.


Modern living room centered around a vast, imposing sofa with a soft aqua blue tone. Completely padded with buttons, it’s a lively, colorful and eye-catching solution for a big dining room.


A living room of deep tones with metallic details, neutral wood tones and striking fabrics. By the sensitivity in the choice of colors, not giving up an aura of strength, this is a room that invokes a passionate feminine spirit.


A bright living room, with light tones and ample entrance of natural light, that takes full advantage of the choices made here.


Living room with warm tones, comfortable textures, and timeless lines. Blending the best elements of the mid-century decor with the contemporary style that characterizes Amactare, the beauty of this setting is fascinating.


Serene living room in lighter tones that bring an airy suit to an ample space and full of light. On a higher level than the rest of the house, it’s like a stage that lives up to the dazzling pieces that sit on it.


A unique living room that blends classic lines with the contemporary flair of Amactare design. The Chesterfield-style sofa is the centerpiece of this ambiance,  upholstered in an elegant buttoned leather. The classic character of this piece is counterbalanced by the cushions in bright green.


Living room of subtle tones and soft aura, where beige and earthy tones, as well as gold details, stand out. Either in the metallic bases of the tables or in the fabric of the cushions that accompany the sofa, it’s a memorable decor.


A pleasant and serene living room where the way the pieces are used is the source of a serene and light spirit. The choice of finishes, fabrics, and materials was meticulously and carefully thought.


Joining two sofas is the best way to enjoy a large and bright space. With 3 seats, each of these 3 sofas supports a soft and cozy beige fabric that lends its cushions and structure to the point where the base and feet are revealed in dark wood.


An exquisite living room made with a meticulous choice of fabrics, woods, and metals that intertwine and give a sense of unity and harmony throughout the space. It’s decorated with design and lines that will prove its timelessness and elegance that goes beyond fashion.


Marked by an imposing sofa with wide arms, this is a living room with everything that makes a space special. Beginning with the light fabric of the sofa, button details on each of the arms rest on a copper-colored metal base.


Sober living room, pragmatically coupled to make the best use of the spacious space, not making it appear empty or overfilled. This balanced effect is achieved, in part, by the grey and neutral tones that cover most of the pieces.