New Collection


Filled with useful pieces, combined in a seductive and warm way, it’s a decor solution that will surely captivate the interior design lovers. A true Amactare bedroom decor, in a decor that carefully combines great designs with quality materials!

2020 Decor


The play of different tones present in the bed and the pouf defines the essence of this room. Throughout the decor, the same deep brownish tone punctuates different designs, creating unity and consistency.

2019 Collection


From end to end, from any angle, under any and every home, this Amactare bedroom decor lets you glimpse mastery in the choice of designs, fabric, and finishes.

15 Years' Collection


Modern but sweet bedroom decor with understated tones and a combination of design and materials that make it unique and individual. Composed with all bedroom essentials, this Amactare suggestion is the proof that beauty comes from the right choices.


Modern bedroom with classic touches, with a set of straight lines and circumferences on which stand neutral tones, noble materials, and timeless textures. Open to natural light, the sobriety of colors comes to life.


Modern bedroom, in grey tones and filled with natural light. A luminous suggestion, enriched by small luxurious details and comfort.


An upholstered bed is the centerpiece of this room. Comfort is the main motivation in this decor, with upholstered products throughout the room


A reserved and intimate bedroom, created for personal moments. This ambiance perfectly blends sobriety, striking colors and luxurious details, for a harmonious and tender result.


Light, colorful, city-style bedroom decor, demonstrated in a pleasing yet intense color scheme, as well as the choice of simple, modern lines.


A true Amactare bedroom decor, radiant, full of small details and great moments of beauty and splendor. Filled with useful pieces, combined in a seductive and warm way, it’s a decor solution that will surely captivate the interior design lovers.


Elegant bedroom decor, conveying confidence and assertiveness, for its choice of fine materials, contemporary design, and unique combinations. Without great eccentricities, the variation of tones is balanced and meticulous.


A blue-grey upholstered bed takes centre stage in a beautifully set-up bedroom, harmoniously intertwined with the earthly tones of the bedside table and chest of drawers smoked eucalyptus finish. The gilded stainless steel details give an extra touch of luxury to this ambiance.


Bedroom decor with a graceful and cosmopolitan look, neutral and sober tones, topped by some color details and bright, luxurious materials.


Amactare’s sublime bedroom, full of exciting shades, unique designs, and the elegance known to be in our DNA. In the décor that carefully combines great designs with quality materials.


A big bedroom filled with vibrant wood, metal and marble details. Upon entering this room, the feeling of being transported to a magical place, romantic, warm and intimate.


Sophisticated bedroom decoration, dominated by light tones, soft colors, neutral woods and small metal and stone details that elevate it.


Bedroom decor with classic touches, blended carefully and detailed with a contemporary and timeless line. In leather or velvet, comfort is everything in this ambiance, which is divided into separate spaces, each well defined in its function, but open to a personalized use.


A headboard punctuated by golden studs is one of the unique details of elegance that competes for attention in this room. Tucked into the soft beige fabric, they are an omen of the luxurious details that punctuate every point of this bedroom.


Room dominated by an upholstered bed with an entrancing bordeaux velvet, with high headboard, which imposes itself in any room.