Anyo Dining Room

Natural dining room, dominated by wooden patterns and earth tones, which result in a soft decoration. The cozy tones convey in a personal and intimate touch to this room.

Round Dining Table

The circular structure of the table plays with the straight lines that dominate the remaining space. The gilded stainless steel structure, with geometrically interlaced tubes, enriches the personality of this space and connects seamlessly to the chairs that surround the table.

Distinct dining chairs

On the dining chairs, the right angles take second place. The seat and back of the chair are at a sharp, comfortable angle, which, on the set of all the chairs, seem to hug the table, creating a unique family atmosphere.

Sideboard with Relief

Leaning against one of the walls, a smoked eucalyptus sideboard supports a set of reliefs, where they hide their storage spaces, giving a somewhat mysterious look to this space. The deep brown wood finish allows for uniformity throughout the room.

Couple of Cupboards

On the opposite side of the sideboard, two smoked eucalyptus cupboards provide ample storage space, as well as undeniable elegance. With 4 stainless steel feet, joined by bars in the same material, it’s a durable and adaptable solution to any ambiance.