Axin Living Room

In a wide living room, the sober tones are an aesthetic that shows at its best. In conjunction with metallic glow, noble and luxurious materials, this is the contemporary answer to the traditional notion of sophistication and opulence.

Harmony in asymmetry

Playing with asymmetry in the most harmonious way possible is the ideal way to add diversity without eccentricity or a clash of tones or lines. Here, the asymmetry is hardly noticeable and stands out in the two sofas that oppose frontally, one of them in a version of 3 places, one with one side to open for a comfortable pouf.

Storage Unit

The openness to different desires, different ways of being and different states of mind pass from the sofas to the furniture that fits behind one of them. A simple piece, with a straight and discreet design, serves as a place of storage and support for drinks or books.

Side Table

As an accessory to the opposite sofa, a support table features a black ash top that rests on thin metal tubes, in a circular structure that elevates the already clear elegance of its materials.

Marble Coffee Table

In addition to the marble top of the side table, this coffee table has marble sides, an extra touch that gives it a more complete look, a more luxurious aura. The environment itself is enriched by this piece, in its golden metallic tones and patterned white surface.