Bayl Living Room

Dining room in wood, dominated by walnut finishes and metallic structures. The light spirit of this ambiance makes it a reassuring and familiar dining space.

Simplicity e Sturdiness

The dining table in this room conveys a sense of solidity, with the obtuse angles of its feet, here in golden stainless steel, giving the structure a sturdy look, in conjunction with the top in natural patterns of wood.

Natural Wooden Patterns

The American walnut that covers all the pieces in this environment, from the flower pot to the dining chairs, is a subtle finish, which brings a natural touch to the space, keeping, by its darker tone, a soft sophistication.

Gilded Stainless Steel

This dining room excels by uniformity. From the sideboard to the display cabinet, past the flower box and the bar, the sweet walnut brown is supported by the luminous gilded stainless steel.

Contrast between angles

The right angles from the display cabinet serve as the resolution for the obtuse angles of all other pieces in this environment. The asymmetry of this same piece draws attention and makes it difficult to remain indifferent. It draws attention by taking here central stage in the wall of the room and by its unique and elegant design.

Allow yourself to fall in love

From each piece present in this environment can be born the next detail that will transform your home. Choose the finishes that best suit your décor and have a new dining table, dining chairs, sideboard, lamp, and everything you need for a home more customized to your personality.