Beni Bedroom

Modern but sweet bedroom decor with understated tones and a combination of design and materials that make it unique and individual. Composed with all bedroom essentials, this Amactare suggestion is the proof that beauty comes from the right choices.

Magical Vibes

At one end of this bedroom, an armchair and side table meet the balance to sweeten this room as a whole. The white upholstery combined with the glossy black tabletop of the curvy side table creates a peaceful and flashy space.

Lavish Gold

On the armchair, a yellow-roasted cushion is connecting with the square pouf in the same color, with buttoned padding, which serves as a seat or table to serve a delicious breakfast in bed. Next to the bed, in front of the large headboard, two marble and gold stainless steel lamps rest on the bedside tables.

On each corner of this room, in gold or a comforting dark yellow, a transversal line is created making the whole more than the sum of each of the parts.