Calora Bedroom

From end to end, from any angle, under any and every home, this Amactare bedroom decor lets you glimpse mastery in the choice of designs, fabric, and finishes.

Leather Upholstered Bed

The lines that vertically extend the headboard of this leather bed appear to extend beyond its base, also upholstered in the same raw material with inviting texture. There is also the elegance and classic tone on the rounded top of the headboard, a connecting link in tune with the rest of the décor.

The Armchair

Comfortable is the beginning of the description of this chair, carefully designed to navigate the line between discretion and the impossibility of going unnoticed. With deep backs, rounded and with the classic buttoned back of the seat, it’s a reference piece of the new 2019 Collection.

Bedside Tables and Dressers

Like pawns defending the king, on each side of the bed, a bedside table adds storage space and sophistication to the center of this bedroom. With wooden structure, the base and handles are metallic and shine from the bottom of its sophistication. Attached to the center, the handlers create the idea of a safe, accentuating the intimate side of this decoration.

Mirror and Bench

In a metallic structure attached to the bedroom wall, a circular, modern mirror stands out above the chest of drawers. A little further along, an upholstered wooden-frame bench opens the way for anyone entering the room and walks in the dressing room next to it.