Cassi Living Room

A bright living room, with light tones and ample entrance of natural light, that takes full advantage of the choices made here.

In the center of the room, the two mirrored coffee tables expand the range of natural light reflected in the soft colors of walls and fabrics.

Sofa with a vintage touch

The sofa’s lines fit perfectly into the soft tone of this ambiance, with an off-white fabric that adds luminosity to the space. The two cylindrical pillows complete the look of this piece, somewhat classic, a characteristic accentuated by the golden studs that circumvent the arms of the sofa.

Colorful details

The combination of green and gold details mark the seats that stand by the window in a sign of elegance that highlights this space from the remaining room.

Marble and Metallic Details

Among the armchairs, a gold-plated stainless steel cross-table is an elegant and luxurious solution, thanks to its marble top.

Ebony in every corner

Ebony is the finish that dominates the furniture pieces of this ambiance. Arranged at the vertex of an imaginary triangle that runs throughout the room, a serving cart, a flower pot, and a TV base complete the look with enough storage spaces and a touch of nature.