Celsian Bedroom

Room dominated by an upholstered bed with an entrancing beige velvet, with high headboard, which imposes itself in any room.

Dark Wood Tones

The border around the headboard is the link between the bed and the bedside tables that flank it. The dark brown of the wood matches perfectly with the light tone of the upholstery, accentuating it and containing it.

Gilded Stainless Steel

Throughout the room, elegant notes of gold flourish on the noble patterns of eucalyptus wood that lines the furniture designs here presented. Its reflectivity is synonymous of a brighter atmosphere, while the golden color and resilience of the material symbolize the luxury that emanates from the room.

Bedside Table & Tall Boy

The bedside tables and tall boy are set to convey in uniformity, whether in contemporary design, with a vertical line from which the drawers emerge, as by the choice of materials and combination of them.

Leather Armchair

The armchair, almost a chaise longue, placed by the window to the balcony allows enjoying the wide opening to the sunlight that this room enjoys, as well as the fresh wind on hot days. Ideal for reading space, the leather upholstery with capitoné finish gives it a classic look that intertwines with the most modern lines in the entire room.