Cerva Dining Room

Black, gray and beige shades allow this ambiance different plays with natural light. The beige padding of the chairs gives softness, the black of the marble absorbs the light and brings out the white and brown features of its surface.

Round Marble Dining Table

Metal structure subdivided into links with rounded tops supports a circular black marble top. The circular shape of the whole table contrasts with the straight lines of the remaining furniture and in combination with the materials, it becomes a very sophisticated solution.

Stunning Shelf 

The tall shelf is imposing and contemporary, with its vertical metal frame and shelves in gray wood. The two compartments that occupy one of its sides open with sliding doors and reveal shelves for more personal and reserved items.

Classic Chairs 

Curvilinear details are the distinguishing element of this dining chair. The upholstered seat rests on wooden legs, which extend to the open back of the chair. Next to the table, a four-door sideboard, rests on a metal base cross, in a simple but careful design.