Copper Living Room

A living room of deep tones with metallic details, neutral wood tones and striking fabrics. By the sensitivity in the choice of colors, not giving up an aura of strength, this is a room that invokes a passionate feminine spirit.

Elegant Combinations

The color combinations of the entire environment are perfectly executed. The combination of the metallic tones of copper with the deep bordeaux that spreads through the fabrics of the room is an icon of sophistication.

3-Seat Sofa

The 3-seat sofa that stands out in this room has an imposing presence, marked by wide arms, ample seating space and overall comfort, with the decorative cushions uniform the decor. On the sides of the sofa, the upholstery has a relief that gives it personality and a classic touch.

Armchair and Ottoman 

Next to the window, a space with armchair and ottoman is ideal to enjoy the sunlight or the comfort of home on a rainy day. With a copper base, the junction between armchair and footrest symbolizes maximum comfort, with beauty that makes it stand out.

Grey Eucalyptus and Marble 

The side table that accompanies the sofa is simple in design, with straight lines and contemporary look. Nevertheless, is the ideal base for the noble copper finish that contrasts with a grey eucalyptus top.

In the center of the room, the ravishing black marble with ripped white veins on its surface takes over the table top set.