Cupri Bedroom

A reserved and intimate bedroom, created for personal moments. This ambiance perfectly blends sobriety, striking colors and luxurious details, for a harmonious and tender result.

Sober Fabrics and Gold Details

The bed’s fabric in a greyish brown tone finds the balance between discretion and fun. It’s imposed by its high headboard, as well as by the gilded stainless steel base, that gives brightness and personality to the decor.

Two sides, Two kinds of wood

The duality between shades of grey and brown tones of wood is a theme in this room. The bedside tables of the same model, both with stainless steel frames, give more contrast to the decor but helps to show that everything makes sense.

High or Smal Chest of Drawers

The same logic of the two kinds of wood is transported to the chest of drawers with different designs but from the same collection. With a top protected by slightly taller sides than the drawers, it’s a distinctive, interesting and elegant solution for a bedroom decor.

The color of passion

But first, it’s the passionate buttoned pouf that takes our hearts first. With a deep red velvet, this décor already revealed a touch of personality, by the cushion that glimpses at the head of the bed and takes center stage to give a special touch to this ambiance.