Dimor Living Room

Seductive living room, full of passionate and soothing tones, that make it a dream space for a tender decoration. With a cozy disposition, the pieces are together and taking full advantage of the space.

Delicate Upholstered sofa

The corner sofa upholstered in an off-white fabric seems to delimit the room, making it an even more welcoming and private space. Its size makes an imposing statement, but it’s delicate by the contrast between the red of the cushions and the neutral fabric that envolves it.

Vibrant Armchair

Two armchairs carry the elegance of the passionate red pillows to complement the décor. With feet in the same color, these armchairs are fully covered in the scarlet tone that lifts this decoration to a loving and enthralling aura.

Grey Eucalyptus and Gilded Metal

Next to the sofa, a side table with lace structure in gilded stainless steel, supports a grey eucalyptus top, an ideal accessory for family outings or moments of relaxation after a tiring day of work.

Coffee Tables

Two coffee tables are better than one, especially when they are as elegant as these two designs in grey eucalyptus. With a structure in straight lines, an opening on the top reveals an extra space of storage, an addition of utility for any ambiance.