Eve Living Room

Serene living room in lighter tones that bring an airy suit to an ample space and full of light. On a higher level than the rest of the house, it’s like a stage that lives up to the dazzling pieces that sit on it.

Different Velvet Tones

Without a doubt, the great decoy of this living room is the seductive sofas. In the 3-seat version, or as an armchair, the soft and sturdy velvet is irresistible, even more so from the buttoned back, which accentuates its charm.

In deep green tones, or in a delicious beige, they combine perfectly with the iron-finish of its arms.

Timeless wrought iron

The wrought iron, an orange-colored wood that stands out transports us to more classic decorations, is sprinkled throughout the decoration. On the coffee table with a bronze mirror, this wood serves as the connection between the color of the floor, the details of the floor on the sofa and the TV base that also covers it.

Golden and orange wood

On the TV base, the finish in wrought iron is enriched by a combination of the structure of a straight line in gilded stainless steel. The luster of stainless steel, coming from a large amount of light entering through the large windows of this house, add sophistication to the decor.

Complemented details

This living room is complemented by natural details, in the form of two flower pots on each corner, by a table in a discreet beige and grey and by the fascinating ceiling lamp in glass, stainless steel, and nickel.