Gabb Bedroom

A headboard punctuated by golden studs is one of the unique details of elegance that competes for attention in this room. Tucked into the soft beige fabric, they are an omen of the luxurious details that punctuate every point of this bedroom. The bed sits on a wooden plinth that fits perfectly in the chosen materials on the wall and on the bedside tables.

Always by your side

Two bedside tables reveal asymmetrical lines but create a sophisticated symmetry as a whole, with a choice of wood filled with dark natural patterns of different intensities and tones. Over each one, a marble table lamp proves to be another detail of unmistakable luxury.

Bedroom Essentials

The decoration takes advantage of the space and the luminosity that the wide window promises, creating a make-up space that features a dressing table with a mirror that can be opened or closed. On the opposite wall, a reading corner is formed by a chair with curved, cozy and comfortable back, as well as a wooden side table with metallic details.

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