Hess Living Room

Intimate living room, filled with various shades of blue, from the deepest to the lightest and greyest. With touches of leather upholstery, noble woods, and sophisticated metals, this in one decor to remember.

Royal blue Sofa

The intense deep blue that covers this sofa conveys an aura of confidence, of someone sure of himself, serious without being stern. Its beauty also emerges from the combination of its black metal structure and the wood strip that surrounds its exterior.

Buttoned Leather

The leather is the common point throughout the room, taking more prominence in the round pouf in capitoné that occupies one side of the room. The buttoned patterned is a delightful detail that brings the decor closer together, from the pouf to the sofa, the armchair, and even the pillows.

Blue-grey Armchairs

With a seat cushion and rounded back of these high chairs, this side of the room is an extra space of comfort, With a smoked oak table top and cross-shaped copper structure, it’s a useful accessory for any living room.