Hilgar Living Room

A pleasant and serene living room where the way the pieces are used is the source of a serene and light spirit. The choice of finishes, fabrics, and materials was meticulously and carefully thought.

Contemporary Sofa

The sofa is made with multiple design elements. The arms rise from the rest of the structure by a metal structure that extends to the foot of the sofa and are connected to its back. The seat is divided into two large cushions, creating almost two chaise longues joined together.

Modern and Imposing

The dark yellow armchairs stand out for their design, keeping contemporary and elegant lines. Here with a contrast between the yellow of the padding and the green fabric of the cushion, they give a cheerful look to the decoration, maintaining the sophistication of the feet with gold brackets.

Cubic and Circular tables

In the center of the room, a table topped with black marble, marked by white veins and coffee color, is supported by a metallic structure of uneven metal pipes. At the side time, a cubic table top is a perfect companion for the lounging chairs.