Idri Dining Room

Dining room dominated by neutral tones of grey that give to this decoration a sober and reserved character, without becoming flat.

Color Details

The grey koto dining table is surrounded by 5 chairs in roasted yellow, a color detail that adds personality to the space. Providing a sense of unity, grey stripes cross the back of the chair. The black iron structure joins this decor to convey solidity and modernity.

Sideboard and Mirror

Next to one of the walls is a storage corner, with a sideboard with 4 wooden doors and surrounded by a copper-painted stainless steel border. Above the sideboard, three mirrors of different dimensions and identical design create a feeling of greater space and luminosity.


In the same sideboard, a Mikado air freshener, with Amactare’ exclusive fragrance, creates a unique and passionate sent in this ambiance. On the corner of the room, a flower pot with a golden frame and glass supports a red plant that is the ideal detail to add life to the decoration.


Lighting this ambiance, a ceiling lamp of a geometrically fascinating structure, with several arms of different lengths in copper and tubes that allows focussing the light. On top of the sideboard, a marble and wood lamp completes this décor.