Kaimi Bedroom

Light, colorful, city-style bedroom decor, demonstrated in a pleasing yet intense color scheme, as well as the choice of simple, modern lines.

Sleep where you Storage

With a headboard that gives full use to the wall space that presents itself, this is an imposing bed with upholstered headboard, subdivided into two equal parts. The smoked eucalyptus structure supports two drawers on each side, accentuating in a subtle way the contrast between brown and yellow.


On the bed’s foot, in a soft dark blue, a softly curved pouf is accentuated by two seams that make its surface more seductive. By the window, the simpler and soberer pouf in light grey and metal feet give a special touch to the decor.

Side Table and Flower Pot

Along with the pouf, presents a side table in gilded stainless steel with a black top. Next to the chest of drawers, a flower pot with a mirrored surface supports a tall plant that gives even more life to the decoration.

Chest of Drawers and Mirrors

The chest of drawers here is a modern element, with an imposing gold metallic structure. With 6 large drawers, it has space to store everything a bedroom needs. On top of it, a futuristic looking wall mirror stands out as one of the hallmarks of this space.


On each of the drawers of the bed, a marble lamp with metallic hemispherical top gives a luxurious touch to the ambiance. Contributing to this luxury look, a nickel-and-brass suspension lamp illuminates the entire décor.