Lepi Bedroom

Amactare’s sublime bedroom, full of exciting shades, unique designs, and the elegance known to be in our DNA. In the décor that carefully combines great designs with quality materials.

Bedding in cream fabric

The off-white fabric that covers this bed gives a clean and sensitive look, invoking intimacy and reflecting the personality of the one who chooses it. Its low headboard, with vertical relief and curved top, is a unique design that becomes the sweetest point of this ambiance.

Bedside Tables and Reading Lamps

Complementing the bed, two grey eucalyptus bedside tables support a drawer that separates two asymmetrical compartments. On each side, stands a copper-colored stainless steel lamp with luxurious black marble.

Your make-up stand

The dressing table in this small cosmetic corner consists of 5 thin drawers, great for storing accessories, as well as a small central compartment for the most common retouching. The indispensable mirror is anchored by a metallic copper structure, the same as the structure of the furniture.