Linar Living Room

Sober living room, pragmatically coupled to make the best use of the spacious space, not making it appear empty or overfilled. This balanced effect is achieved, in part, by the grey and neutral tones that cover most of the pieces.

Corner Sofa

Taking advantage of room area and creating a complete feeling in the decoration, the corner sofa is the best solution possible. The lines are essentially straight, contemporary, which form the basis for a neutral upholstery and a comfortable structure. The cushions stand out with a more vivid color, which connects to the chair that is in the opposite corner.

Armchair and Side Table

In this opposite corner, an armchair in a dark yellow, almost orange, serves as the point of reference for this decoration. It’s a focal point for the harmony of the ambiance as its color stands out from the mainly neutral tones. Next to it, a side table with a cylindrical structure and gilded stainless steel base finishes this decor with style.

Grey Triad

Grey dominates the center of this room. As if it were a chess board, the three pieces create a consistent and solid connection throughout this ambiance. The puzzling beauty of the grey pouf is passionate, combining with the solidity of the sideboard with wood and glass doors. In the center of the room, two rectangular coffee tables serve as the axis of this decoration.