Llani Dining Room

Know how to filter inspirations, revisit the story and bring it back to the project, making it something new, original and passionate. This is the Amactare’ creating process, all too evident in this dining room decor.

Timeless is Contemporary

With each piece more enveloping and striking than the previous one, contemporary and classic lines form a unique identity for this ambiance. On the dining table, a conical structure in copper-plated stainless steel supports an oval top in black ash.

Lovely Chairs 

For a dining room to be perfect, pulling the chair to sit should be a moment of admiration, whether in the feel of the soft upholstery touch or in admiring the beauty of the design. Fortunately, the chairs in this ambiance meet both requirements.

Vintage Sideboard

Bringing the inspirations back to the decor, the cornerless sideboard, rounded at the ends, is a vintage touch of class in this room. Its wooden surface, trimmed by metallic details, presents an exquisitely marble top.