Lóran Living Room

Gold and copper details subtly define the tone of this ambiance, a living room that brings home a magical experience. From comfort to the beauty that is customizable to your taste, it’s ideal to make your home more than a home.

Chaise longue Sofa 

The chaise longue sofa comes to life with a golden base, which transforms the spirit of the comfortable beige upholstery. With a deep and cozy seat, it’s a versatile choice with a strong personality.

Marble Coffee Table

The marble coffee table is divided into three unequal layers. On the floor lies the gray eucalyptus, separated from the enthralling black marble by a metallic gold line. It’s the most luxurious element of this room and is capable of lifting any piece that accompanies it.

Classic and Contemporary

The low TV base stands out from the neutral tones of the wood that covers it. With golden edges that cross its surface, the black marble top emphasizes this piece and in this ambiance, in a more sophisticated decoration.

Armchairs and Side Tables

With a raised front in relation to the backrest of the seat, these armchairs call to the relaxation of undeniable form, by the way they seem to embrace who sits on them. With two distinct upholstery, it’s a classic combination between a cream tone and a clear camel skin. Between the two, a circular table of support with metallic structure tubes and marble top allows this space to serve as a reading corner.