Nagy Bedroom

Bedroom decor with a graceful and cosmopolitan look, neutral and sober tones, topped by some color details and bright, luxurious materials.

Fabric, wood, and metal

Appearing to be integrated into the architecture of the ambiance, this bed reveals an imposing, inviting atmosphere. The soft beige fabric lines its structure and involves the headboard, creating a sense of unity. In the center of this same headboard, a wooden panel is torn by geometric patterns in copper-colored stainless steel.

Grey Bedside Tables and Chest of Drawers

In front of the upholstered headboard, on either side, a bedside table with two drawers each perfectly match the wood from the headboard and make all this space an even unit.

Romantic Dressing Table

You can almost imagine the memorable moments that this bedroom promises. The dressing table with a wood module and polished stainless steel structure stands out and elevates this decoration.

The tilting mirror, which also serves to lock the surface of the dressing table, with a simple touch, in a useful and smart design.

Frilled Pouf

The technique used to upholster this captivating pouf gives a unique texture, with frills on its velvet fabric that distinguish it. Along with its copper-colored surface, this piece becomes a unique, versatile, and mobile accessory that can be used to seat or decorative element.