Osmi Bedroom

Modern bedroom with classic touches, with a set of straight lines and circumferences on which stand neutral tones, noble materials, and timeless textures. Open to natural light, the sobriety of colors comes to life.

Contemporary Bed

Low beds are one of the big trends in bedrooms, a trend here executed flawlessly. With an imposing headboard and leather upholstery, vertical details cover all its surface in a mesmerizing design.

Grey Tones

On the side of the bed, a subtle combination with luxurious details take over the support table, gold-plated legs, and grey koto tops. Connecting this piece to the foot of the bed, a round upholstered pouf in the same shade of grey, uniform this side of the room.

It’s a Tall Boy!

A small family product of Amactare is tall boys, a straight-edged chest of drawers that shows up in this ambiance. Serving as an alternative to the bedside table and chest of drawers, its structure captivates attention and adds a contemporary look to the décor.

Your personal space

With an open view to the top of the mountain, a corner where, with a hot chocolate, you can glimpse nature in all its splendor. Here, with an elegant armchair, more is the will to enjoy this space.