Platin Dining Room

Dining room enriched by an intense mix of tones, where strong blends of silver and grey are the base and counterpoint for details of color and luxury. Symbol of status, this is a memorable dining room.

Colors that pop! 

What jumps the most at first on this ambiance is the orange velvet that lines the chairs. With a timeless shape, which seems to embrace who sits, three vertical paddings cross the center of its back, making it a distinct and suitable for the remaining decoration.

The intensity of metal

The interlacing of the grey eucalyptus tones of the sideboard and table create an almost enigmatic appearance on these pieces, an ultra-modern and strong look. This spirit is reflected by the remaining decoration and in combination with the color of the chairs and the deep beauty of the marble on the mirror and on the lamps, making this a current and seductive solution.