Povon Dining Room

Bold dining room, based on the contrast between grey wood, sensual fabrics, and metallic metals. Dominated by pieces of straight lines, the boldness comes from the combination of tones.

Gold and Purple

The grey eucalyptus is dominant in all the pieces of this ambiance, from the sideboard to the cupboard. Next to the dining table, 6 chairs in a deep purple velvet upholstery are based on a solid gilded stainless steel structure that supports the back of the chair.

Lighting and mirrors

The circular mirror serves almost as a point of resolution of this ambiance, reflecting the straightness of the lines on its elegant surface. This same surface supports a metallic strip that intersects it asymmetrically.

On the sideboard below, a cylindrical gilded stainless steel lamp enriches the space, along with the ceiling lamp that hangs over the dining table.