Salio Dining Room

Exquisite dining room, where with different shades of the same color are played for a differentiated effect, a harmonious contrast, enriched by metallic details and enthralling lighting.

Dining Table

The imposing dining table takes center stage in this ambiance. Based on a large wooden structure that seats in golden stainless steel, this finish is also found on the table top. Adjacent to the sides of the table, 4 upholstered chairs with open backs add comfort to the space, complemented by armchairs of the same model on the headboards of the table.

Cupboard and Suspension Lamp

Next to the table, leaning against a dark wood wall, a grey koto cupboard is the ideal storage space for this dining room. Hanging over the dining table, a suspension lamp with tubular structure combines gold, silver, and black finishes, in a sophisticated junction by nature.