Sperti Dining Room

A dining room that looks like multiplying in a multipurpose space, with a large dining table, surrounded by 6 chairs. Next to one of the windows is an armchair with padding and yellow feet, where a dark blue cushion rests, resulting in a cheerful combination.

Royal Blue and Crown Gold

The dining chairs with a soft blue upholstery rest on a gilded stainless steel structure, which intersects the seat at an oblique angle. The combination of blue and gold is timeless and fits perfectly with the smoked tabletop eucalyptus finish, and the metallic structure also in gilded stainless steel.

Storage Space

Detail is the keyword in this decoration. On the surface of the sideboard, two perpendicular patterns are revealed, which also extend to the cupboard on the opposite side of the room, creating a sense of unity.

Mirror and Lighting 

Occupying one of the walls, framed by the details carved in, a complementary space with a mirrored console, superimposed by a circular mirror, cut vertically by a metal band. A cubic lamp adds elegance with its white structure and nickel-plated stainless steel.