Trona Living Room

Living room full of color and comfort details. A 3-seater gray upholstered sofa with modern design stands out for its golden details on the base and armrests. Gold remains the base tone of this ambiance, from end to end, raising it into a certain sophisticated uniformity.

Perfect combinations

Following the golden tone of the sofa, the side table next to it adds a new layer, a natural-colored dark wood top. Also this new choice is transmitted by the decor, thanks to the console placed behind the sofa, the lamp on it, and the roasted yellow pouf that accompanies it.

Playing with Textures

The two armchairs support a cozy toasted yellow fabric that matches the cushion and pouf fabric as well as the gilded stainless steel. Between these armchairs and the TV base, a set of coffee tables is supported by a golden stainless steel base, which blends incredibly with the black marble that serves as their countertop.