Turri Dining Room

Inspired by the Earth tones of the Fall season, this dining room plays with textures to create an intense decoration. The orange details provide a bold touch while the plant maintaining a serene vibe.

Timeless Materials

With each piece more enchanting than the previous one, every material is carefully chosen to enhance the beauty of every piece and unique detail. On the dining table, a conical structure in copper-plated stainless steel supports a marble oval top.

Delightful Chairs 

For a dining room to be perfect, the chairs should be highlight whether in the feel of the soft upholstery touch or in admiring the beauty of the design. The chairs in this decor meet the best of both worlds.

Contemporary Sideboard

Bringing the inspirations back to the decor, the koto sideboard with gilded stainless steel details is a vintage touch of class in this room.