Ullman Dining Room

A dining room that mixes the simplicity of the straight lines, the modernity of the curved lines and the classic design of some of the pieces. The careful blend of materials and colors symbolizes personality, beauty, and sophistication.

Grey and burgundy

The colors that come together are a trend in the world of decoration. The sobriety and strength of dark grey coupled with the vigorous beauty of the padding of the chairs, create a seductive spirit that lifts this room with neutral colors.

Design Contrast

The straight lines of the dresser make it a timeless storage space, even more thanks to the copper border and base. In the dining chairs, two versions are presented, one with armrests and the other without. In the armchair version, the deep and rounded seat conveys comfort.

On the chair, the slightly rounded corners of the seat and back are a classic touch that adds coziness to the dining room.

Marble and nickel

The beauty of this ambiance is enriched by lighting fixtures. On the ceiling, a pendant lamp with a nickel-copper frame illuminates the glass table, while a marble cylindrical lamp illuminates the wall and the screen by the sideboard.