Vanta Bedroom

A true Amactare bedroom decor, radiant, full of small details and great moments of beauty and splendor. Filled with useful pieces, combined in a seductive and warm way, it’s a decor solution that will surely captivate the interior design lovers.

Low bed, High headboard

The bed incorporates contemporary decor elements. A few inches from the floor, with classic leather shades that covers it, the high headboard gives a more classic touch.

Armchair and pouf

At the bed’s foot, one round pouf shares the same fabric, making it almost a set and maintaining uniformity in the environment. In one corner, an armchair in pale green and wooden feet proves to be another element of sophistication.

Reading and Leasure

Quiet and private, a small corner with a large chaise longue, floor lamp, and side table serves as a reading spot from extreme comfort. The simple and soft color gives a feminine touch to this part of the ambiance.

Make-up Booth

A dressing table is an optional furniture piece that any room would get enriched by having. Next to a round wall mirror, its drawers have enough storage space to find the right look for that special night.