Vitri Dining Room

Modern dining room that combines metallic tones, sober woods and soft colors on the right angles and circular structures. Wide and open to light, this room is filled with pieces that would be the highlight of any decor.

Futuristic Elements

On the wall, a mirror with an industrial look rests perfectly on the marble wall that supports it. With 3 circles, a metal frame with hoops connects to the mirror, which opens at the center to show part of the marble patterns of the wall.

The grey metal frame adds dimension to this ambiance, with the concealed doors giving a smooth surface, ideal for contemporary décor.

Round Dining Room

The dining table of this ambiance is an elegant piece, with its glass top and elaborate metal structure, where several links meet and interlace. Surrounding it, 4 high-sided chairs sit on a rug, also round, complementing the geometric harmony of the room.