Voge Home Office

home office decoration sober in spirit, that invokes a professional but individualized aura. The contrast between straight lines, austere, and the softness of some of the tones make this a unique and relaxing ambiance, ideal for a workplace.

X marks the spot

The gold-plated stainless steel feet of the desk give a modern touch to the decor, which intertwines with the natural patterns of the wooden top. Accompanying the desk, an office chair with a brownish fabric and tall arms allows focus and comfort.

Side by Side

The side-by-side wooden shelves support three asymmetrical vertical metal stripes, which are found on opposite sides of the shelves, to join in the middle, aligning with the desk and refocusing the stronger tones of the decor.

Comfort for Guests

Those who accompany the work, or visit this space, are greeted with two comfortable sofas in 1 place, in a light cream fabric and a fascinating frilled detail.