Apple Store Furniture

Apple Store New Concept

Apple Store Furniture


The Apple Store, which was opened by Apple with its new concept, opened its doors to the world in Tripoli, Libya.

Amactare manufactured all the furniture in its new concept Apple Store opened in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, in its factory located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Amactare Furniture has added a world brand to its references with this project. Amactare Furniture had the opportunity to preserve and update its place in the world with this project, whose references were shared on social media by the staff of the press department.

With the completion of the Apple Store project, furniture is requested by Amactare Furniture for the stores that are planned to be opened in many locations around the world.

Yunus ÜSTÜN, the creator of the Amactare brand, “We are making projects with the furniture we produce in our factory in Istanbul for 26 countries of the world and we have been a solution partner with our partners for a long time. Completing the “Apple Store Project” as Amactare is a reference for both us and our partners. ”

The design of the store furniture was designed by Designer Moayed El Faza and during the design phase Amactare Furniture supported the design with mock-up productions with the R&D department.

When you enter the Apple Store project, you are faced with a different atmosphere. The project consists of 4 floors, accessories in the basement, iphone models, apple watch models and airpods models on the ground floor, macbook models on the 2nd floor and Apple home group on the 3rd floor.

In the Apple Store project, all the walls were covered with furniture with lacquered painted wall coverings, while the furniture made of original oak wood in the cash register provided a different environment for the store.