Istanbul Furniture Fair

Istanbul Furniture Fair 2023


Istanbul Furniture Fair 2023


Which of our products were used as Amactare Furniture in 2023 Istanbul furniture fair?

In order to create a different atmosphere at the Istanbul furniture fair, we realized both our stand and our furniture with different aesthetic understanding and textures and colors that characterize strong lines.

At the fair, we designed our 170 square meter area in 3 regions. Living area furniture (home furniture, villa furniture, hotel furniture, restaurant furniture) in the first area, work area furniture (office furniture, office chairs) in the second area, home office furniture in the third area (home office table, home office armchair, hanger, umbrella holder, etc.).

Our guests (architects, interior architects, construction managers, furniture purchasing departments, furniture store owners, etc.) who visited us at the Istanbul furniture fair, contacted us with the aim of having both standard products and special production furniture produced in their projects for our new collection.

Although this fair shows that our furniture factory has completed its vision and mission, it has been very useful in terms of development and sustainability when we can no longer keep up.

Yoko Series Furniture, which we exhibited at the Istanbul Furniture Fair, was named as the new 2023 collection.

Ergonomic furniture designs, whether in hotel furniture, restaurant furniture or office furniture, are designed in the R&D department of our factory and produced in the furniture manufacturing department.

While visiting many architects, interior architects, construction managers, purchasing managers and stores from Turkey at the Istanbul Furniture Fair; Managers from many parts of the world, “Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Germany, France, Spain, America, Portugal, Libya, Iraq, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, who want to see our furniture production and try the produced furniture, have visited.